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About TouchBass

We wanted to find a way of letting individuals and organisations – professional or amateur – share what they do as widely and easily as possible. Brenda Whitwell, communications co-ordinator, Make Music Gloucestershire

TouchBass is a quick and easy way for your hub to signpost people to music teachers, music leaders, community musicians and specialist music mentors; groups, bands, ensembles and choirs; studios, rehearsal rooms and practice spaces; lessons, music schools, workshops, music projects and more.

Woman playing guitar in a music store

Think of it like a locally-specific, music services search tool, giving people more targeted, informative, locally-specific information than Google or other search engines could provide.

It can also be used by those searching on others’ behalf – like all sorts of local authority or voluntary sector commissioners of services for children and young people, or individual schools.

“In Gloucestershire, we want to make sure that young people and parents are aware of all possible opportunities available to them. We invested in TouchBass because signposting young people at the start, and throughout their musical journeys is an important part of our strategy. It’s a smart tool, that saves us time and means the whole music education community can be found by young people and parents looking for ways to learn and make music.” Peter Holmes, Chair, Make Music Gloucestershire Advisory Board
Screenshot of the TouchBass Searchtool on a mobile device Screenshot of the TouchBass Searchtool on a mobile device
Woman playing guitar in a music store

How can TouchBass help your Hub make a greater impact?

  • help young people and parents to find opportunities in music that are right for them – quickly and easily
  • demonstrate to Arts Council England that you’re taking your networking and signposting role seriously
  • reach more young people – particularly when backed by a social media campaign
  • reach a wider range of young people
  • promote a greater variety of music opportunities and progression routes
  • support and promote the whole of your local music education infrastructure, from private tutors to community music organisations
  • reconnect with peripatetic teachers/music co-ops, if you no longer provide that service yourself
  • drive more/different people to your website

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